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360° Video Stitching


Stitching 360 video with Kolor Autopano Video (AVP) and Giga (APG)
Stitching 360 video with Kolor Autopano Video (AVP) and Giga (APG)

We are a Kolor certified trainer and stitcher team who specialise in Autopano Video and Autopano Giga to get the best out of your multi-camera VR footage. We colour grade your 360 degree videos in Adobe Premiere Pro for a fast yet professional look and fix issues such as flares, tripod, unwanted areas in the video, etc in After Effects. We further use Mettle Skybox Studio to add perspectively correct texts and logos that are not distorted in spherical view but displayed as they should and we master your audio with our many years of experience in audio recording. We have produced and stitched for major global companies such as McDonalds, Thomas Cook/Tjaereborg, Furtenbach Adventures and our work is being featured on German television Pro7. We recently get a large volume of enquiries for GoPro Omni footage and yes, we can help you with this too!

We offer very competitive rates, excellent stitch quality and fast turn around times because 360 degree video is all we do


360° Video Editing


360 Degree Video Editing


Our Promise

Here at Atmosphaeres we are ready to create or transform your 360 video clips into tasteful, great sounding and effective videos for your professional use. If you need great looking, high quality video for your website, social media pages or email marketing campaigns, we have got you covered. Each video is edited according to your requirements and style.

Professional Tools All The Way

We work with Adobe Premiere and After Effects to create delightful 360 degree video compositions. Tasteful color grading and best in class object removal are part of our video editing & post production services as is the use of Mettle's suite of effects plugins that will give your project that professional touch as does stabilisation of your shaky footage with Mocha VR

You Film - We Edit

You've gone out and filmed some 360 degree video content, yet, when you get back into the office you don't have the time or necessary tools to create that professional looking video you have in mind? Not a problem, just send us your video files and we will edit it for you. If you need help with stitching the videos together, we can even help you out with our Kolor certified video stitching services.

Use Ours

You can also select from our 200+ collection of 360 degree video clips and get editing at discounted prices. You can even bring videos from other sources and we will combine all videos into one coherent video experience (conditions apply).


360° Video Training

With Europe's first Kolor certified trainer

Training at Eitel Sonnenschein

Kolor Certified Trainer for 360 degree video production 

I am Europe's first Kolor certified trainer for 360 video production and I am helping businesses like yours to get where you want to be in 1 or 2 days.  

Kolor Certified Trainer for 360 Video Production


During the training we cover the following topics.

Level 1 - Beginner - 1 day

 360 Video Training with Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset


The training course level 1 will provide you with the skills necessary to understand the 360 video workflow from A to Z, using Kolor Autopano Video and Autopano Giga. Using these powerful software packages you will gain the expertise to create 360 content in a wide variety of different situations and environments.

The training will give you the knowledge and skills to:

- Determine the correct camera settings and best practice preparations for your shoots

- Record, stitch and create 360° videos at professional level

- Learn and understand the software properly, including several stitching approaches in specialist situations like action sports and underwater shoots


Level 2 - Advanced - 1 day


Advanced-360-video-trainingPhoto courtesy Blick/Dominik Baumann 


The training course level 2 will extend your existing skills. The main focus is on advanced uses of 360 video. The course will provide the skills required to really give current 360 projects that professional finish.

The training will give the ability to:

- Learn advanced features of the software (e.g. Adaptive Stitching, Horizont Correction, Authoring Tool, etc.)

- Stitch complex use cases (e.g. high parallax issues, etc.)

- Shoot a tricky situation (e.g. inside a car)

- Workshop on one of your 360 projects (if desired)

- Surround sound audio production for 5.1 output to the Gear VR (if desired)


Note that the last two points (i.e. 'if desired') are mutually exclusive as we will only have time to go into one of these topics. Also, for Level 2 you will need experience with Adobe After Effects. Both Levels can be taken on two consecutive days.



Learn how to stitch 360 video with Kolor Autopano Video (AVP) and Giga (APG)

One of our 360 video training rooms

Learn how to stitch 360 video with Kolor Autopano Video (AVP) and Giga (APG)

One of our 360 video training rooms



Dr. Eric Fassbender about his passion to help people with his Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos and teaching 360 video production

Have a look at my my teaching philosophy above and decide for yourself whether you want to take a leap forward with your 360 video production skills.


"I would really like to thank you for the amazing training. I can really say that I got a lot of knowledge from you. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.”
Ziad F. - Moving Frame

"The training itself is amazing and worth it to travel and get this knowledge"
Feedback from anonymous post-training survey

"Very professional, and very well aware about 360 videos in all aspects. I can for sure recommend you to anyone who needs to learn 360 video."
Feedback from anonymous post-training survey


Training Sessions times:




depending on the day of the week.



The training facilities are at the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in St. Augustin, Germany.

The cities of Siegburg, Bonn and Cologne are nearby and there is a very good connection via train. The ICE from Frankfurt airport only takes 40 Minutes and Cologne and Bonn can be reached in 20 minutes by regular train. A friendly pick up and drop off at the ICE trainstation in Siegburg can be arranged. Please notify us of this during your enquiry.

Please get in contact if you require high-level training in 360 degree video production.




 We are completely fluent in English and German.


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Images Courtesy of Kolor.com, Dominik Baumann and eitelsonnenschein.de


360° Video Consulting

Dr. Eric Fassbender - 360 Video Consulting


Sometimes you just need professional advice to reach your goal in a shorter amount of time and this is where we can help you. Dr Eric Fassbender has researched Virtual Reality for many years as a university academic and lecturer before moving into 360 video production when the first 360° video cameras appeared on the market back in 2013. He has many commercial and corporate 360 video productions under his belt as well as expertise gathered from shooting each and every scene of his Atmosphaeres Virtual Relaxation Videos. Apart from this, he is a certified 360 video trainer for Kolor Autopano Video and Autopano Giga using Freedom 360 and 360 Heros camera holders. You too can bring many years of expertise in 360 video production, stitching and Virtual Reality into your company by hiring an expert that will save you time and many headaches.


If you need more information, please get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements

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